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Medal of Honor &
Wellness Conference

elevating the corrections profession

Medal of Honor

One Voice United’s annual ceremony recognizing the Correctional Officers, Supervisors and staff who have gone above and beyond the call of duty as nominated by their peers.

National Medal of Honor Honorees:

  • Sergeant Dustin Willbanks, 2021 Gold Medal of Honor
  • Corporal Leon Odom, 2021 Silver Medal of Honor
  • Corporal Anthony Gaudet, 2021 Bronze Medal of Honor
  • Warden Embery L. Morton, 2021 Supervisor of the Year
  • Ms. Jeannie Kelly, 2021 Civilian Recognition Award
  • Sergeant Kelvin Glover, 2020 Silver Medal of Honor
  • Sergeant Dean Stump, 2020 Bronze Medal of Honor

Blue Ribbon Commission

On May 13, 2022 this first-of-its-kind Blue Ribbon Commission on Correctional Staff Wellness assembled to shed light on the deadly wellness crisis sweeping through our correctional system yet not seen by most Americans; government, regulators, legislators have all failed to provide oversight. It is our hope that more stakeholders will begin to recognize and address this crisis by listening to first-hand testimony of officers, staff, and stress management experts in the field.