One Voice United assembled the first-ever Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) on correctional staff wellness. In front of a diverse and distinguished group of Commissioners, officers and staff shed light on a crisis that has largely gone unnoticed outside the four walls.

This report was created to continue the mission of the BRC as best put by OVU Founder & Executive Director Andy Potter who challenged everyone during the opening of the BRC…

“When we leave here today, I want folks to go back and think about how we make real change. How do we take a system that’s just broken, harming everyone that comes into contact with it, and transform it? This awareness and call to action shouldn’t just stop when everybody walks out of these doors. So, I ask that you just ponder and think about what’s possible for the future.”

To read and share the full Blue Ribbon Commission Report, a PDF is available to download above.

"The Secret is Out"

Through impactful testimony and thoughtful responses, seven testifiers and thirteen Commissioners shed light on the growing and often unnoticed correctional wellness crisis. 

The secret is out. The silence is broken. It’s time to act… together.