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The One Voice United Pledge

Join Your Fellow Corrections Officers And Frontline Staff

Sign the Pledge

To make a commitment to our future, our profession and our families

As the corrections industry shifts and the winds of political change blow back and forth, I take this pledge to join a committed group of officers and correctional staff with the overall goal of improving the criminal justice system in America for all of us who are impacted by it.

I commit to taking my seat at the table, bringing my professional experience and knowledge to the conversation and joining other committed stakeholders in the overall goal of reforming the criminal justice system in America to improve the lives of those who work and live in America’s prisons.

I pledge to:

  • Lead with my values,
  • Trust the truth of my experience,
  • Maintain an open mind,
  • Say what needs to be said even when it is unpopular,
  • Develop effective strategies,
  • Work collaboratively,
  • Recognize innovation where it works and call out concerns where it doesn’t,
  • Respect the values and opinions of others, and,
  • Above all, represent my profession and viewpoints in a factual, fair and balanced manner.

This is my commitment to the future of this profession, to pursuing the changes we need to continue our mission, to uphold our honor and oaths so we all come home safe and healthy to our families.

The purpose of this pledge is to include you in a growing network of dedicated professionals that we hope to continue engaging with, learning from and supporting as the landscape continues to change for everyone in this profession and we seek to make corrections officers’ and staff’s concerns a top priority in the national conversation. Your signatures won’t be shared with anyone or published in any way. 

The more of us who say we are ready to take a stand and make our voices heard the stronger we are.