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Corrections Leadership Assembly and Training

Mobilizing leaders in the criminal justice system

Corrections officers must be respected for their hard work, seen as true consultants and key leaders in the criminal justice system, and understood for the pivotal role they play in executing and implementing reform efforts and programs.  

Additionally, officers must embrace their roles in a rapidly changing profession and begin to seek out partners who align with their positions, find common ground where possible and look for new approaches where none can be found.

To achieve these goals, One Voice United is launching a Corrections Leadership Assembly for officers and staff, which is committed to:

  • Designing strategies to deal with the universal issues affecting all corrections professionals.
  • Fostering a peer-to-peer learning network that develops and shares best practices nationally and in states.
  • Creating a forum for officers and other experts to discuss policy initiatives and solutions.
  • Helping staff see the stake they can have in a reform movement that meets their interests.
  • Bringing proven and innovative leadership training to corrections staff across the country and abroad.

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