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Our Programs

One Voice United Intelligence Network (ACOIN)

Direct feedback and communication with corrections officers and other frontline staff is essential to the overall mission of One Voice United and critical to understanding and developing effective and informed criminal justice reform.

Through our correctional officer intelligence network, with affiliates in over 35 states, individual officers, corrections groups and others will have the opportunity to directly engage on topics of importance, provide feedback, help guide policy makers and offer their professional expertise and experiences.


If you are interested in becoming a One Voice United intelligence officer, please contact Brian Dawe.

Medal of Honor

The One Voice United Medal of Honor brings together corrections officers and staff from across the country to recognize their heroism, courage and professionalism throughout the field of corrections.

Learn more about the Medal of Honor, how to nominate an individual and attend the ceremony, here.

Officer Wellness and PTSD

Compared to the general public, studies show that corrections officers across the country face a much higher likelihood of being diagnosed with or experiencing symptoms related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This recognition of a serious and pervasive problem amongst employees, illustrates the impact the corrections environment has on everyone involved and validates the long-held belief that more must be done to protect and improve the mental and physical health of those who work behind the walls.

To raise this issue and develop plausible solutions, One Voice United aims to develop and launch a national campaign that puts officer wellness front and center with policy makers, reformers and the media.

Learn more about the Correctional Officer Wellness Project.

Corrections Leadership Assembly & Training

Corrections officers must be respected for their hard work, seen as true consultants and key leaders in the criminal justice system, and understood for the pivotal role they play in executing and implementing reform efforts and programs.  

Additionally, officers must embrace their roles in a rapidly changing profession and begin to seek out partners who align with their positions, find common ground where possible and look for new approaches where none can be found.

To achieve these goals, One Voice United is launching a Corrections Leadership Assembly for officers and staff, which is committed to:

  • Designing strategies to deal with the universal issues affecting all corrections professionals.
  • Fostering a peer-to-peer learning network that develops and shares best practices nationally and in states.
  • Creating a forum for officers and other experts to discuss policy initiatives and solutions.
  • Helping staff see the stake they can have in a reform movement that meets their interests.
  • Bringing proven and innovative leadership training to corrections staff across the country and abroad.

Contact us to learn more.

Policy, Advocacy and Reform

Apart from those incarcerated, corrections officers and other frontline staff spend more time in the prison system than anyone else.

Yet, too often, their unique knowledge and understanding of prison operations and life are overlooked by policy writers, decision makers and reformists.

If our country intends to get serious about innovative criminal justice reform, it is essential that the true costs of maintaining a well-run facility are understood from all perspectives and corrections officers and other frontline staff are given a seat at the table.

Through policy, advocacy and reform, One Voice United will create opportunities for corrections officers and other frontline staff to raise issues of importance, discuss alternative approaches to corrections and lend their voice and expertise to the criminal justice discussion.

Learn more about our advocacy initiatives here.


Current research and reports on corrections reform lack the voice and perspectives of correctional staff, thus alienating and ignoring the very people who are tasked with instituting and carrying out effective criminal justice policy and reform.

To end this cycle, One Voice United will create, develop and engage corrections professionals on various research topics in order to bring the expertise and opinions of corrections staff into the criminal justice conversation.

To view additional resources along with past reports, studies, and projects commissioned by One Voice United, click here.