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Policy, Advocacy and Reform

Raising issues of importance and creating opportunities

Apart from those incarcerated, corrections officers and other frontline staff spend more time in the prison system than anyone else.

Yet, too often, their unique knowledge and understanding of prison operations and life are overlooked by policy writers, decision makers and reformists.

If our country intends to get serious about innovative criminal justice reform, it is essential that the true costs of maintaining a well-run facility are understood from all perspectives and corrections officers and other frontline staff are given a seat at the table.

Through policy, advocacy and reform, One Voice United will create opportunities for corrections officers and other frontline staff to raise issues of importance, discuss alternative approaches to corrections and lend their voice and expertise to the criminal justice discussion.

Visit Before You Vote

Visit Before You Vote is a national campaign created to educate and engage decision makers on the realities of corrections
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Safer Prisons, Safer Communities

One Voice United (OVU) and FAMM, respectively, two of the leading organizations representing correctional staff and incarcerated people and their
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Changing the Dynamic: A journey of exploration between the Norwegian and American prison systems

OVU led the first-ever delegation of correctional staff union members and labor leaders on a journey to Norway to reimagine
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Testimony Submitted to The National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice

During this state of national emergency, crisis and tragedy surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), corrections officers and other staff across the country
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Letter to CDC Director Robert R. Redfield

No other occupation works in confined spaces with such a high-risk population and where social distancing is virtually an impossibility.
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National Governors Association Policy Resolution

One Voice United developed 15 critical policy recommendations in response to COVID-19 and, with the support of national labor leaders
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