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This is How We Make a Difference

"Changing the Dynamic"

OVU’s short film, Changing the Dynamic: A journey of exploration between the Norwegian and American prison systems, follows the journey of the first-ever delegation of correctional staff union members and labor leaders as they head to Norway to learn more about its world-renowned correctional system — with the goal that these correctional professionals will be inspired to return committed to helping fellow staff change the culture and practice of corrections to make everyone safer and more secure. Is that possible given the difference in cultures, in diversity, in funding priorities and the public’s perception of corrections in the U.S and Norway? Watch the film and read more here.

Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on oversight of the Federal Bureau of Prisons

“The dedicated and loyal employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons have long prided themselves at accomplishing the missions given to them. They have been pushed beyond the breaking point and deserve much needed relief.” 

– Shane Fausey, AFGE Council of Prison Locals president testifying before Senate committee

Corrections Officers, National Labor Movement to Governors: Protect Us Now

Early in the pandemic, correctional officers and their unions demanded governors across the country act immediately to limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect those living and working inside jails, prisons and detention facilities. One Voice United, with the support of national labor leaders and presidents of 16 state unions, sent a letter outlining critical policy recommendations that they unveiled in a media call on April 3, 2020. 

Corrections Officers: Often Unseen, But Never Forgotten

Few groups have a more important story to tell than that of the often overlooked men and women who do one of America’s toughest jobs: corrections officers. In the current moment of uncertainty, the Neighborhood Project convened corrections officers to share their story.