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One Voice United
Medal of Honor

Honor and Recognition

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Nominations and Ceremony

One Voice United’s National Medal of Honor is the nation’s premier awards ceremony that brings together corrections officers and staff from across the country to recognize their heroism, courage and professionalism throughout the field of corrections.

Nominations for this year’s acts will open in late 2024. 

For general inquiries, contact Brian DaweFor questions about nominations, contact Eric Spierer.

Medal of Honor Ceremony

On April 26, 2024, One Voice United recognized the below honorees for going above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Correction Officer Michael Eed, 2023 Gold Medal of Honor
  • Correction Officer Joshua Collins, 2023 Silver Medal of Honor
  • Probation and Parole Officer Kalla Hughley, 2023 Bronze Medal of Honor
  • Captain Brian Sullivan, Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Major Micah Sims, 2023 Supervisors Award
  • Correctional Food Service Supervisor Patty Rufus, 2023 Staff/Civilian Recognition Award