One Voice United is proud to present “I Am Not Okay.” A white paper discussing the mental health crisis facing correctional officers and frontline staff.

From the Introduction of “I Am Not Okay,” ‘The mental health of everyone associated with our correctional system is strained. Officers, civilians, administrators, those who are incarcerated and their loved ones, they’re all being negatively impacted by the current system. PTSI, depression, and the physical and psychological damage they cause are at near epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, little has been done to confront this head on.’

To read and share the full white paper, a PDF is available to download above.

"Silence Kills, and I Am Not Okay"

In gut-wrenching testimony, a veteran officer shares the deadly impact of working in corrections and what it cost his family. Watch the full nine minute video here and share it far and wide, it might save a life.