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One Voice United
Building Bridges to Elevate the Toughest Job
We're improving wellness, advocating for change, and honoring the heroism and professionalism of our fellow officers.
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Elevating the Corrections Profession
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Join Your Fellow Officers

Make a Commitment to Our Future, Our Profession, and Our Families

Correctional Officer Wellness Project
We Must Address Our Mental Health Crisis
Read "I Am Not Okay" the brand new white paper regarding correctional officer wellness to learn more.

"The Secret is Out"

For far too long, the culture for those working in corrections has been… you just don’t talk about it. Until now. 

One Voice United assembled the first-ever Blue Ribbon Commission on correctional staff wellness. In front of a diverse and distinguished group of Commissioners, officers and staff shed light on a crisis that has largely gone unnoticed outside the four walls. 

The secret is out. The silence is broken. It’s time to act… together. Watch the video and read the report.

Our Mission

We are a national campaign to give corrections officers a voice.

Too often correctional officers and other professional staff who work inside correctional facilities are left out of conversations about incarceration and the criminal justice system.

Leaving out people who are involved in the system each and every day makes it harder to create any change or improve conditions of work and confinement while reducing recidivism after release.

Together, we are improving reform efforts and supporting their successful implementation by elevating the vital role of corrections officers and other frontline staff.

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